Michael Marra


Poverty in Dundee is “ persistent and extreme”

24 January 2018

Michael Marra , Labour councillor for the Lochee ward, has described the level of child poverty in Dundee as “persistent and extreme” and is “ our good City’s greatest shame”.

The city has one of the highest levels of child poverty in Scotland – with more than 8,000 – 28 per cent – growing up living below the poverty line, according to data from the End Child Poverty coalition.

Michael said :

“One in four children raised in poverty is an affront to every citizen.

“The root causes have not changed in decades - we have an economy that does not work for the majority of our population.

“For a decade now these figures have gotten worse as governments in Edinburgh and London have slashed the safety nets and services that so many people relied upon.

“The thought of one child going to bed tonight hungry in Dundee is shocking.

“That 1 in 4 wake tomorrow to find themselves in grinding poverty blights the future we all want to build.”

Michael is a member of the Dundee Fighting for Fairness Commission

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