Kevin Keenan
Labour group leader, Dundee City Council

9 March 2018

Conference ,

I am Kevin Keenan, leader of the Labour Group on Dundee City Council, and it’s with great pleasure I welcome you to my home town.

Firstly, I would like to pay tribute to the public sector workforce here in Dundee who have managed to clear the streets of snow and switch on the sun to welcome Conference to Dundee.

I would also like to mention Ninewells Hospital, not for the same reason as Jenny Marra MSP suggesting that it is a “financial basket case” – although I do agree with her .

I would like to mention to Labour Suite at Ninewells as I received a telephone call this morning at 3am from my daughter to tell me that I have a new Grand-daughter.


Both Mum and baby are well so I would like to pay tribute to all our public service employees who do so much to help and improve the quality of life for us in Scotland.

I hope you will have the time to see for yourselves the changes that are happening here in Dundee.

The project to reconnect our city centre to the waterfront continues at a pace, as we have moved from the hidden infrastructure works to construction phase where it’s plain to see the transformation notably the new hotel over the railway station.

I should mention that we also have the V&A sitting proudly on the waterfront - due to open later this year, so do make a point of booking your return trip.

Make sure you book early to secure early bird offers for your return visit to Dundee.

I’m sure you will also find the people warm and friendly. Like other cities, we need to attract employers that will bring jobs. .

We still wait on the delivery of renewable energy jobs as promised by the former First Minister, in a signed Memorandum of Understanding.

If I was to ask the current First Minister for these jobs or about the Memorandum of Understanding – she is likely to say that a big boy did it and ran away!

I trust we will have a successful conference and we go away feeling enthused and up for the many challenges that we face, as a collective Labour and Trades Union movement.

The SNP administration here in Dundee are determined to amend the terms and conditions of some of the lowest paid employees.

Most recently they looked to force care workers onto split shifts, which would have delivered a 15-hour day and a reduction of pay of between £300 – £400 per month, given the years of wage restraint I am sure you will agree this is unacceptable.

Conference,there are many challenges that face us. .

Let’s remain united and collectively move forward together.

Conference enjoy your time in Dundee.

Thanks for taking the time to listen.

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