Jim Malone
Chair, Dundee City Labour Party

9 March 2018


We meet once more in Dundee while Labour in Scotland is re-affirming its commitment to its traditional values through the appeal of the progressive policies and the open, honest politics of Richard Leonard and Jeremy Corbyn.

As Richard described the party in his speech in Dundee this January, it is :

“proud to be the party of labour with our roots in the trade union movement, the party of democratic socialism, and the party of public ownership once again , the party of equality and the party with a plan to eradicate poverty and inequality.”

Jeremy Corbyn has described what present-day society run for the rich looks like : “Tax cuts and runaway pay at the top with falling living standards, job insecurity and a shredded NHS for everyone else”

“ Real and Radical Change” and “ For the Many Not the Few” are not political slogans.

These are commitments to re-distribute power in favour of working people and their families.

Labour’s positive message is increasingly resonating on the doorsteps of our communities.

In Dundee, our communities have suffered the double whammy of Tory austerity spoon fed by the Nationalist administrations in Holyrood and the City Chambers,

People in Scotland need a Scottish Labour Party with a manifesto fit for implementation in Government in councils, Holyrood and Westminster and with the leadership to deliver Real and Radical Change for the Many not the Few.

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