Jenny Marra comments on reports that NHS Tayside are using private doctors to fill the gaps in Neurology at Ninewells

27 January 2018

Commenting on reports that private doctors are being used to fill the gaps in the Neurology Department at Ninewells Hospital, Jenny Marra MSP said:

“It is concerning enough to hear reports that people are waiting up to 30 weeks for a Neurology appointment at Ninewells Hospital but it is even more alarming that private doctors are being used to fill the gaps.

“NHS Tayside has a massive budget black hole and the last thing it needs is to be paying the profits of private health companies to cover poor planning. Serious and urgent questions have to be asked of NHS Tayside and Shona Robison as to why there aren’t enough NHS Neurology consultants at Ninewells.”

“This is further evidence of mismanagement within NHS Tayside and it needs to be looked at immediately.”

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